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Top 10 Workout Secrets From Fitness Gurus

Top 10 Workout Secrets From Fitness Gurus
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Getting and staying fit is really tough. For many of us, it’s hard to even get off the sofa. So, what’s the secret of fitness professionals who have managed to make exercise a way of life? Here are the top 10 health and fitness tips given by the well-known fitness gurus for leading a fit and healthy life.

#1 Be Consistent

Chase Squires is the first person to confess that he’s no fitness expert, but he’s the same guy who used to weigh around 205 pounds. In my vacations pictures in 2002, I looked like Puft Marshmallow Man at the beach as he said. Then once he decided enough was enough and started walking on the treadmill everyday. The pounds came off slowly but steadily and soon he started to run in marathons. He ran his first 50 mile race in October 2003. Since then, he has completed several 100-mile, 25-mile, 50-mile races.

His secret? I am not fast, but I surely am a consistent said Squires. The only difference between others who have struggled and my success is that I did it every day.

#2 Follow an Effective Exercise Routine

The American Council on Exercise surveyed about 1000 certified personal trainers for the best techniques to get and stay fit, their common top three suggestions:

Excessive Strength training Exercises. Even for 20 minutes a day and 2 days a week will help to tone the entire body.

Interval Training. Begin from its most basic form like walking for two minutes than running for two minutes and repeating this pattern for atleast 20-30 minutes.

Increased cardio or aerobic exercise. Many of the surveyed personal trainers suggests to do 60 minutes or more every day basic to moderate intensity physical activity like walking, dancing or running.

#3 Set Realistic Goals

Don’t struggle for perfection or a improbable goal that you can’t achieve. Instead, focus on increasing healthy behaviors says Kara Thompson, spokesperson for the international health racket and sports club association (ihrsa.org).

In simple words, it’s fine if you can’t run a 5k just yet. Make a habit of walking 15 minutes a day and then add time, distance and intensity from there.

#4 Use the Buddy System

Find a friend who could accompany you to the gym and who also wants to establish a healthier lifestyle or weight loss, suggests Kara Thompson.

Motivate each other, exercise together and use this opportunity to strengthen the relationship bond.

#5 Make Your Plan Fit Your Life

Too busy in your life to make time for gym? Tennis star Martina Navratilova, Fitness and Health ambassador for AARP knows a thing about being busy to stay fit. Make your plan fit your life she advices. You don’t need fancy gyms to get fit. if you have a floor space, start some floor exercises such as push-ups, squats and lunges. Do 10-12 repetitions of each exercise, then add more intensity and reps as you grow stronger.

#6 Watch The Clock

It means your body clock. In more simpler words, try to exercise at the time when you feel most energized, suggests Jason Theodosakis, MD, Exercise physiologist at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. For instance, If you’re a morning person, plan your fitness activities early in the day. And, if you perk up as the day goes, schedule your activities in the evening.

Working out when you have the Most energy can bring out best results says Theodosakis.

Remember, even if you follow all these secret tips, there will be some ups and downs, some victories and setbacks, says Navratilova. Just don’t give up and be patient and you will surely see the results, she advices.

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