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The Story Of The Man Who Managed To Lose 80 Pounds

The Story Of The Man Who Managed To Lose 80 Pounds
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The Story Of The Man Who Managed To Lose 80 Pounds

Robert Mathews’ life changed with the entire incident which happened when Robert was playing with his six-year old son in the garden. “I was running behind him and could not get anywhere near him.” He further adds, “I was struggling to get a breath and could not keep up with my lad even for few minutes.” “Yes, It was a wake up call for me.” The first time in the entire life when Robert Mathews realized the biggest truth of his life.

The Unhealthy Past

By profession, Robert was a software engineer who spent most of the time sitting in front of the monitor. By the end of the day, he used to be so tired that he hardly even walked around in the home. Stress at work and growing body slowly started to shut down the physical activities he had in life and eventually he started to fill up like an air balloon.

In the past, Robert had tried to fight with his weight gain issues. He tried out many things, but everything failed in the end. Robert who used to be lean during the college days started to put on weight in the late 20s. Sometimes he managed to lose weight, but then got that back within a few months. He could not find a permanent solution. The main reason for this was that he could not get a dependable diet plan and was not able to make visible changes in his lifestyle.

New life with Nutrisystem Diet Plan

It was during those days that his friend recommended him to try Nutrisystem. In the beginning, he was not that happy with the idea to go on a new diet plan. This was because of his past experiences. Moreover, he was not sure whether he would like to have them instead of munching hamburger. But then, he decided to give it a try. He took a trial plan for a month.

The first few days were not easy. He had a great craving for all the other unhealthy foods out in the world. He wanted to savor on his favorite Margarita Pizza, but he just controlled his desires and kept going. Apart from opting for the meal plan from Nutrisystem, he decided to bring some small changes in his lifestyle. He never had time for exercises and workout so he couldn’t do much about them but he changed what he used to eat in the past.

He decreased the amount of processed food he used to munch during office hours and brought in the snacks from Nutrisystem. It helped him much. He started to see the difference within few weeks. “I was really excited when I found myself in my old jeans which I never thought I could fit in back.” Such small changes kept him motivated and he kept on Nutrisystem plan for few more months. By the end of four months, he found that he had lost 40 pounds. This was really a moment of achievement for him. He kept on with the diet and slowly kept on killing those pounds till he completely lost 80 pounds by the end of the year.

Today he has weekend tennis sessions with his son. They both enjoy playing together. Robert now feels much lighter and is very thankful to his friend. Apart from killing those extra pounds, Nutrisystem has helped him to bond with his family and yes, especially with his son. He is still on Nutrisystem diet plan and looks forward to stay healthy and fit.

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