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Mom Lost Half Weight In 15 Months With Nutrisystem Diet Plan

Mom Lost Half Weight In 15 Months With Nutrisystem Diet Plan
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Sarah Danny who is 43 now, has always suffered from overweight issues throughout her life. She used to be an overweight kid during the school days and things did not change when she reached high school. After her marriage, she managed to put on some more weight and by the time she has her third baby she was obese. Slowly and steadily her weight crept on climbing high. Read other weight loss success story.

All those years, Sarah was never worried about her weight and she had even managed to get on some very unhealthy habits. She loved junk food more and often ended up with takeaways. Thanks to the takeout restaurant near her house! “Cooking was not my cup of tea! I never enjoyed doing it.”Sarah says with a sigh. ”The Takeout restaurant right at the corner of the street had turned to be a great relief for me and my family!” “I never had to cook, just go and get food – simple as that!” Sarah recalls about those days.

It was in those days she got the flu and went to visit the doctor. As a normal procedure, they made her stand on the weighing scale. The only next thing she remembers is people giggling around here. “OMG, I was 240 pounds”, ”Can you believe it?” She was shocked and embarrassed.“It was the worst day of my life” Sarah adds.

It was the time when Sarah decided that she needs to do something about herself. She understood that she was doing all wrong with her body and health. With so many weight loss tips around, she was overwhelmed as well as confused. She started with some home remedies but was not able to see any visible results.

The first time she lost some weight

Somewhere she read that bringing some changes in the diet will help her drop some weight. She decided to go with it. Soon she was losing some weight. But after a few pounds, she hit the plateau. She was not able to see any results. She got upset and started to lose confidence in herself.

Introduction to Nutrisystem diet plan

It was during those days she saw a TV programme on weight loss where the host was talking about diet plans. She was not able to understand it completely and so tried to get some answers on Google. For her surprise, there was so many information on diet plans as well as few diet plans too. She went through the information and then went through the diet plans. She came across Nutrisystem & get discounts. For all good, she liked the food items and felt they were yummy too.

The first diet plan from Nutrisystem

She decided to go with the plan and ordered here first-month box. “I was all excited when the box arrived” recalls Sarah. She went through the meal plan religiously. Made sure she was not munching on anything else. As the days passed by she started to see the results too. Her weight was dropping. It was a slow process in the beginning but as the weeks passed by the number of pounds was going down too.

Along with the Nutrisystem diet plan, Sarah also included some exercises in her routine. It was not easy for her in the beginning, but she kept on going. She understood that while sweating she was burning calories and losing inches too. She kept on going with this diet plan and exercise regime for months and found that she had managed to lose hundreds of pounds in a year.

Positive outcome of Nutrisystem

It has been now more than two years after Sarah started off with her weight loss struggle. She managed to lose 120 pounds. Now she is fit and healthy. She no more eats junk food and keeps an eye on what she is eating. Sometimes to reward herself she has meals at the restaurant too. But then again she makes sure to burn out those calories she has pulled in with the food. “Now I can wear whatever I want without feeling embarrassed,” says Sarah with confidence. The best part is that she still follows the Nutrisystem diet plan and continues to walk a mile in a day. Quite interesting, right?

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