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How I Managed To Shed 140 Lbs With Nutrisystem Diet Plan

How I Managed To Shed 140 Lbs With Nutrisystem Diet Plan
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Nancy Philip was a chubby girl from the little age. She liked when people pinched her cheeks and called her chubby. She was never worried about her weight as her parents as well as brothers were overweight too.

By the time she reached high school things changed. She realized how it was to be overweight. Many of the other students made fun of her and it was at this time she knew she had to do something to make things right.

When things got out of control

By the time Nancy was in college, she realized that she need to control her food habits. She joined gym several times only to give up on it in just a few days. Soon she was pregnant and she was gulping up everything that came across her way. From being overweight she was getting to be obese once she had her son.

Then it was after three years she went out on a holiday trip. Just like others she too took a number of pictures of her own. When she looked at them she felt horrible. She understood it was an alarming situation and now she needs to deal with it somehow.

Introduction to Nutrisystem

She started to search for different weight loss tips on Google. She tried out many tips for few weeks. But nothing helped her feel a strong difference. One day as she was browsing through Google, she came across Nutrisystem. She went through the site and felt that the weight loss plan was affordable and so why not give it a try! “It was the best decision in my entire life!” Nancy recalls.

Baby steps with Nutrisystem 

Nancy was adamant this time and she was sure that she will be having the right diet. She started taking Nutrisystem diet plan religiously. In the beginning, she was not doing well but her family supported her. They motivated her when she was on the verge to give it up. She kept going on with diet.

After few days, she started to include some physical activities too. First, she started to walk around in the home and slowly moved to the garden. Yes, it was really baby steps she was taking with the huge body. She decided to join the gym again, but with determination this time. She was all sore on the first day and was not sure to go back again. But she kept going and going again. “I lost 10 lbs in the first week,” Nancy says with sparkling eyes.

With Nutrisystem along with proper exercise, Nancy was not having anything that was unhealthy for her body. She kept on having the diet plan for few more days as she was excited by the result.

Today after a year, she still has the diet and is happy now and yes lighter too. She has managed to shed 140 lbs with a healthy diet plan and little exercise. Now Nancy is beautiful and confident of herself. She says that now she looks beautiful in every dress and she could buy clothes from anywhere without worrying whether they have plus size clothes or not.

Her family has also learned from her. They have also moved on to Nutrisystem diet plan and started to get results. She makes it a point that she and her son have salads daily for dinner. “I lost half of my weight when I took the initiative. The rest shed away when I kept moving.” “It is very easy to take up the diet plan, but sticking to it is really tough. But once you get on the track, things are always better.”

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