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Julia’s Weight Loss Success With Nutrisystem

Julia’s Weight Loss Success With Nutrisystem
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Hey I’am Julia. I live in Houston with my husband and a four-year-old daughter. Me and my husband have a busy life – juggling with our jobs, taking care of our little one as well as handling all the chores of the house. Moreover, we need to drive an hour daily to commute to the workplace. For the same reasons, we are hardly able to find some time for ourselves.

Health Compromised For Everything Else

The busy schedule of our life changed everything. We started to take up lunch from the restaurants most of the time. By the time we reach home in the evening, we are in no mood to prepare a dinner. This mostly leads us to having unhealthy processed food. The frequency of dining out or takeaways increased too. The worst part was that we started giving the same thing to our baby.

The Realization Of Being Obese

It is a fact that I was an overweight child and it continued to be during my teenage too. In the college days, I had tried out many weight loss programs. I managed to lose some pounds but could not keep up with it for a long time. I regained weight very soon and yes managed to get more from time to time. Once I had my daughter I put on more weight. This time, I could do nothing about myself. It was four years back during a fine summer holiday that I realized how badly I have treated myself.

On that life-changing day, we with our friends were enjoying a camping trip. We were having some fun out in the woods. It was at that time, one of my friends suggested to take up a small hiking trip on the nearby hill. Like everyone else I was thrilled too, but it all ended with disappointment when I found that I could not manage to even climb for 10 minutes. My husband and friends tried their best to motivate me, but was in vain. I was short of breath, I was all sweating, my heart was pounding, I couldn’t take it anymore! I ga