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How To Use Turmeric To Lose Weight

How To Use Turmeric To Lose Weight
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Today, overweight and obesity have become a global epidemic. This has been largely contributed by the universal Western type diet, which is composed of highly processed, chemical contaminated, genetically modified, and incompatible foods.

These foods make people to gain weight by two ways; excess multiplication of fat cells and excess growth of fat cells. If you manage to control the two issues, then you will be able to lose weight naturally.
Have you tried all the ways to lose weight, but to no success? Turmeric is the answer to your weight loss.

Turmeric is thought by many people as an ingredient to bring flavour and colour to foods. But, it is rich in curcumin, which helps to reduce the blood flow to the fat cells, hence hindering the cell division. Therefore, when there are no nutrients that are sent by the fresh blood, the fat cells do not grow in number.

Studies also show that turmeric helps to regulate the sugar levels and hence preventing the abrupt insulin hikes. This helps to avoid any storage of excess fat by your body.

How to use turmeric to lose weight?

Turmeric root can be grounded to make a powder or can be used as it is. For the fresh root, the daily consumption that is recommended should not exceed 1.5 to 3 grams, whereas the powdered turmeric root ought to be limited to 1 to 3 grams daily. Here are the various ways to use turmeric spice to lose weight.

1. Turmeric water

Turmeric water is another way you can take turmeric and get excellent results to lose weight. Take a half of lemon and squeeze it into a mug. Onto it, add warm water and turmeric powder. If desired, you can add honey to taste. You will realise that turmeric will fall to the bottom, so mix the drink again. This will be a great way to begin your day off and help you lose weight.

2. As an ingredient in dishes

Add turmeric powder in your almost any diet regularly. It will not only bring good taste and colour, but also help you reduce the bad cholesterol and boosts your metabolism, hence helping you to naturally lose weight. Add about a half to one teaspoon per dish.

3. Turmeric tea

There are different ways to prepare turmeric tea, but the following way is the best home remedy to help you lose weight.

In a bowl of water (about 150 ml), add a half inch ginger root piece and one inch turmeric root. Allow the water to boil for about five minutes or up to when the flavour of the roots is completely dissolved in the water (you will see thick colour). Then, add brown sugar and the cinnamon. Allow it to boil for additional 2 minutes, filter, and serve while hot.

You can also make a turmeric tea by preparing the green tea normally and then mix a half spoon of turmeric powder to it and drink.

Make it a habit to take every morning and you will see results.

Even if turmeric is natural and healthy, there are cases where it should not be consumed. Particularly when it is taken as a supplement, it can interact with some medications. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before considering it in your diet.

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