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Diana Lost 35 Pounds While Eating More Food

Diana Lost 35 Pounds While Eating More Food
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Diana was a very active girl during her high school days. She even used to take part in different sports activities like volleyball, basketball, etc. She was an all-rounder who managed to get many trophies for sports. The 5’8 girl was fit and active. Things changed when she reached college. And, after some time she had a baby too. She started to have a busy life which attracted her more towards restaurants and unhealthy food. She started to put on weight and the process was drastically fast and visible. She was not involved in any physical activities which made the things worse.

With Overweight Came All Bad Things

Due to her overweight, Diana experienced frequent back and joint pain. By evening, her knees would make her cry. She consulted a doctor who told her that losing weight was her only chance to make things better. Moreover, she could no more fit in the dress of her choice. Shopping became a terrible thing in her life. She started to lose self-confidence and made every attempt to avoid attention.

First Move Towards A Healthy Life

She knew that it was time to make things better. She could no more bear the pain of her joints. Finally, she started to pick up some light exercises. Waking up in the morning to walk was the most difficult thing. She even started to cut down the frequency of visiting restaurants. “I was not able to see visible changes.” “It was disappointing!” “Still, I decided to stick to it.” Diana talks about those days.

When Things Changed For Good With Nutrisystem

It was in 2015 when she joined a gym near her college. It was really hard for her in the beginning days. One of the trainers out there told Diana to shift her diet to Nutrisystem. She was not convinced by him, but due to his frequent instruction, she decided to try it on her own.

The First Box Of Nutrisystem Arrived

“I was not excited about it”, “I was not ready to give up all the tasty food out there.” recalls Diana. Then on a fine day she started to go with the diet. She strictly followed it. Slowly she started to enjoy the meals and snacks. Within 10 days time, she ordered for the second box for the next month.

Weight Started To Drop

Nutrisystem diet along with physical activities started to give results. On an average, she lost 1-2 pounds in every month. She even gave up on alcohol and it was working too. Now she carries her meal with her and is no more tempted to visit restaurants. Even if she is tempted to have something else, she makes sure she has something healthy. She has eggs, veggies like cauliflower, broccoli and lettuce as well as fruits in her daily diet.

Happy And Healthy Me

“I feel lighter now!” Diana says about herself. Now she is confident to shop for clothes and finds the best for her. Again she no more faces the problem of bloating and constipation that once hit her badly. She thanks her trainer (now her husband) every day to make her go for the Nutrisystem with Promo code. Even today she follows the diet plan as she finds it more convenient and economical. She indulges in some unhealthy diet but believes in portion control.

In fact now, she at times eats more calories that she used to have in those fatty days. She along with her husband finds time for the exercise daily. She does her exercise at home while he goes to the gym. They make sure to have a healthy lifestyle. She believes that her son will tomorrow do what they do today. So better passing on a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle is the best what she can do for him now.

“Always maintain a good health, eat right and exercise” – Diana says while holding her son in her lap.

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