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8 Fantastic Foods For Flawless Skin

8 Fantastic Foods For Flawless Skin
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Many women spend hundreds of dollars every year on beauty products to achieve the flawless skin of their dreams but the truth is the best beauty routine is a healthy diet and lots of water. In fact, science has shown exactly which foods you should be eating for beautiful skin.

 Add these 8 foods to your diet for beautiful skin

 #1 Salmon 

Salmon contains large amounts of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which help your body repair cells and build muscles. Wild salmon offers the most benefits, containing the largest amount of natural fish oil and the smallest amount of mercury.

#2 Watermelons And Mangoes :

Watermelons and mangoes both have a high water content, keeping your skin and organs hydrated. They’re also both high in carotenoids, which help protect your skin from sunburn, keeping you safe from skin cancer.Watermelons in particular are also fantastic for weight loss, which is why there is a whole diet based on watermelon consumption.

#3 Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate is incredibly good for the skin because it contains a high concentration of cocoa flavonols. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for your skin. And if you hate dark chocolate you can start small—dark chocolate bars range from 11% to 90% dark chocolate, allowing you to slowly adjust to darker chocolate as time goes on. Eventually you’ll train your tastebuds to love that 90% dark chocolate so much you’ll start to wonder how you hated it in the first place.

#4 Nuts 

Nuts, especially almonds, contain large amounts of vitamin E, a vitamin that’s essential for keeping your skin smooth and healthy. Vitamin E is actually the active ingredient in many skin creams. Walnuts and almonds are the best options for truly radiant skin.

#5 Spinach 

Like watermelons and mangoes, spinach contains lots of water to keep your body hydrated and your skin beautiful. It’s also full of antioxidants and other essential nutrients that will prevent you from craving sugary foods.

#6 Hot Peppers :

Hot peppers may not be your favorite thing in the world but they provide an incredible amount of health benefits if you can convince yourself to eat them. They contain high concentrations of vitamin C, have been shown to increase your metabolism and they also contain capsaicin, a compound which helps keep your skin clear and beautiful.

#7 Green Tea 

You might have heard about how green tea can boost your metabolism before but have you heard about what it does for your skin? Green tea contains an active compound called EGCG which helps your body’s cells repair themselves. To get the most out of your green tea you should drink a large cup with every meal so your total intake is about one liter.

#8 Kiwi 

Kiwis are full of potassium and vitamin C, both of which help prevent wrinkles. They’re also full of antioxidants which clear toxins out of your body.

Eat at least one of these foods with every meal(and don’t forget to drink lots of water) and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your skin becomes after just a few months of your new diet from Nutrisystem.

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