7 Health Benefits Of Taking Orange Juice Daily

7 Health Benefits Of Taking Orange Juice Daily
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Most of you must have the habit of drinking orange juice daily for breakfast, right? Have you ever thought for the reason? What makes orange juice so special?

No doubt there are a number of health benefits of orange juice, which makes it the staple diet. High amount of vitamin C as well as other important nutrients not only makes the juice healthy, but an important part of our diet too. If you are a kind of person who finds it irritating to peel and eat oranges, getting a fresh juice of the fruit for breakfast every morning will help you get the same benefits. So if you want to know more why you should be taking the juice from the food section at the store, Check the The diet suggestions top 7 health benefits of orange juice :

#1 Phytonutrients

Orange juice is considered to have large volume of specific phytonutrients. These phytonutrients helps to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, as well as balance the cholesterol level. You can get enough amount of phytonutrients required for better health by taking a glass of orange juice in your daily diet.

#2 Vitamin C level

It is a fact that you need certain amount of Vitamin C in the diet to function properly. Vitamin C level helps your body by making strong bones, fights against infections as well as provides you with clear skin. There are a number of Vitamin supplements available in the market but you can get enough amount of nutrient just by taking a glass of orange juice.

#3 Reduces risk of certain diseases

Studies show that taking in citrus fruits reduces the risk of cardiac arrhythmia and heart diseases. Some studies show that the chances of cancers related to mouth, esophageal, liver and stomach reduces just by adding an abundant amount of citrus fruits in the diet.

#4 Low cholesterol level

It is said that some of the compounds present in the oranges reduce the level of cholesterol. It works in such a way with the body that it decreases the body’s ability of LDL cholesterol formation. Ultimately, low level of cholesterol leads to reduced risk of different health issues related to the heart.

#5 Stops ulcer formation

Some studies carried out states that the chances of peptic ulcers get reduced by taking in more level of Vitamin C. Lower chances of peptic ulcers means reduced chances of stomach cancer. So simply add orange juice to your diet and enjoy healthy lifestyle.

#6 Prevents kidney stones

Reduced excretion of citric acid leads to the formation of kidney stones of calcium oxalate. But, by drinking enough amount of orange juice or any other citrus fruit juice the excretion of citric acid can be increased and the risk of kidney stones can be decreased.

#7 Good carbohydrates

It is really a good news that people who are diabetic can even have a glass of orange juice daily and enjoy its health benefits. As the glycemic index of orange juice is 40, it is safe for diabetic people. The only thing to take care is to have them in controlled quantity. Again it can be good for people looking for weight loss as it has reduced sugar level.

So instead of having a latte full of calories in the morning, why not have something healthy yet effective? Opt for a glass of natural orange juice and enjoy the health benefits from time to time.

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