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7 Greatest Tips To Embrace Nutrition and Fitness As Your Top Priority

7 Greatest Tips To Embrace Nutrition and Fitness As Your Top Priority
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We all live busy lives, running back and forth between home, jobs, social events and many more commitments. Many times we feel that there is no time for exercise or sometimes, we have no option but to grab convenient food rather than nutritional foods.

I completely understand this feeling as I have experienced it myself. As a full time writer, I feel like all I can do is write, go to work, spend time with my wife and then again write for little while before going to bed and don’t feel like have time to cook up healthy foods, therefore I suggest joining Nutrisystem programs as they deliver the pre-packed healthy food directly to your home. You can join this program with Nutrisystem coupon deals to save some bucks and get healthy foods.

We have somehow tricked ourselves in thinking that we have limited time and options. Even if our time is limited, our options aren’t. We just need to be little better at starting small, balancing our nutrition needs and planning.

The benefits of healthy eating habits and active lifestyle are well-documented, stimulating brain power and productivity both. Experts name exercise as one of the keystone habits to enhance a healthy and productive life. The exercises fuel the ability to make other habit changes in your life possible.

Start Small

The first and biggest lie is the mindset thinking that you need to make life changing, huge decision to make a difference. Not so! Even if your health and fitness habits are non-existent, you can start to make small changes which can transform into big results.

Start Fitness

So, ignore the temptation to start big, because it normally ends in big crashes. If you go for big training or run in the beginning, you’ll feel down early and need to rest even longer. And, if you eat incredibly healthy foods for couple of days, your cravings for sugar will be increased too much to resist. Therefore, start small and let the snowball to grow.

Food Over Fitness

Most people, including myself tend to flip the equation and prioritize fitness over food. We use the exercises as an excuse so that we can eat whatever we want and think to burn the calories later. While it’s not that bad plan, but having a calorie chart for all foods can help you in tracking your intake amounts to avoid unhealthy foods which can cause obesity. So, a healthy diet combined with exercise is better way to live.

Move In a Way That’s Fun

If you don’t enjoy lifting weights, don’t lift. If you don’t like running, don’t run. Move in a way that you enjoy and you will see much quicker benefits. This way, your exercise choice won’t be a burden since it’s fun!

The exercise option can be a dance class, hiking, martial arts, cycling, soccer or yoga. If you follow what you are “supposed” to be doing, then that habit won’t last long trust me. So bottom line: do what moves you.

Follow 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 rule is really helpful when trying to figure out what type of grace you can extend to yourself when your food and fitness aren’t measuring up. So basically, if you’re eating well in 80% of your daily meals, you can be flexible in the rest 20%. And, if you’re exercising all week, don’t stress yourself for taking a couple of days off.

Final Thought

In a mindset of “Go big or Go home” lifestyle, we generally tend to over complicate things, and the ways we move and eat are at the top of our lists. People generally want to say that they finished an excessive killer workout because they think it made them more interesting. But, I’d suggest considering snowball effect once, building small by small until you’re a force of nature.

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