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6 Easiest Full Body Fat Burning Activities at No Cost – Best Exercises for Weight Loss

6 Easiest Full Body Fat Burning Activities at No Cost – Best Exercises for Weight Loss
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Seeking to lose weight? But finding it difficult to cope with it? I have the best solution to your problem. This post will surely help you find a solution to the issues like time constraint, lack of inspiration and costly diets.

Losing weight is a crucial task that needs special attention and guidance. If proper care is not taken, then anything may go wrong. You won’t even know when that losing weight technique reverses and hits back to you.

Every human has a varied tendency of body and accordingly loses weight. But, many people avoid to take guidance and execute weight loss techniques by their own.

A fact says that 80% of the dieters make an effort to lose weight on their own. Among them, approximately 90-95% of the people regain their weight through misconceptions of diets and often step out for the crash diet.

When dieters opt to lose weight on their own, they end up making their body unhealthy in an adverse way. Due to lack of knowledge and misinformation about the food intake, those people not only fail to lose weight but also they regain extra pounds.

As each and every mathematical problem needs a proper method, so does weight loss demands proper guidance.

Aiming to lose weight, workouts are the main aspect one should consider. Starving yourself to lose weight quickly is the most unhealthy way. Instead of curbing, sufficient amount of the food has to be consumed for the better functioning of the body. In a way, proper workouts would make you achieve the goals of losing weight.


1. Weight Loss with Walking

Your favorite dish is in front of you. Would you gobble the food or enjoy it? Eating slowly with full enjoyment would feed your taste buds completely, same goes with workouts. Before heading towards the hyperactive exercises and workouts, it would be the best to initiate with basics.

Which exercise would be this basic as walking? This is because least efforts are required in it and like other exercises, it doesn’t demand any kind of training. Weight loss with walking is the easiest workout of all. A simple amble down the street for 60 minutes would work wonders.

The walking speed mainly determines the number of calories getting burn. If you weigh 130 pounds and walking at a moderate pace, then you burn 120-140 calories per hour. This calculation of calories varies with the varied weight. For example, a 200-pound person burns around 180-200 calories while walking at a moderate pace.

Burn around 180-200 calories while walking at a moderate pace.

2. Weight Loss with Jogging

Alike walking, speed is the main factor that affects jogging. Calories getting burnt is mainly dependent on the speed. More speed you catch up while jogging, more calories you burn.

Jogging not only helps to lose weight but also it comes in with oodles of health benefits. While jogging, the entire body is moved through which all the parts of the body burns calories and that affects extensively to the whole body. It strengthens the muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness, boosts metabolic rate and reduces excessive fats hanging on the skin.

Buckle up your running shoes, kick-start a day with jogging and enjoy perks of it. But, while newly introduced to the weight loss with jogging, don’t try to speed up as a human body takes several days to retain functioning of it and set to the routine accordingly. Provide enough time-space to the knees and heart rate to cope with the jogging and it would serve you with the effective results.

3. Weight Loss with Yoga

Despite being a weight loss technique, yoga mainly concentrates on balancing a harmony between both body and mind. It is a self-healing tactic of the natural tendency of the body.

It is extensively responsible for striking down the mental stress that enhances mental health along with physical health. This is not it! Apart from the benefit of weight loss with yoga, there are few other advantages:

  • Improves flexibility
  • Boosts immunity and fight against chronic diseases
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Bursts insomnia
  • Enhances focus and increases memory
  • Maintains cardiovascular health
  • Balances metabolism

These reasons are enough to prepare yourself ready for the yoga to practice it regularly. It is solo weight loss exercise that focuses on the physical and mental health of a person.

Yoga is solo weight loss exercise that focuses on the physical and mental health.

4. Weight Loss with Cycling

Riding a bike is one of the fun adventure weight loss exercises that also boosts up the mood. A good mood turns out to be the happier person. And this sound state of mind helps a lot in the entire day making you more productive towards the work.

Whether you take it as competitive spirit or do it with a simple aim to shed extra pounds, cycling would approximately make you lose 500 calories per hour when a person weighs 200 pounds on an average.

Setting a goal to reach a particular point and to return back within certain time limit would greatly motivate. This motivation would assist you a lot to achieve the goals with full determination. This way weight loss with cycling would be as easy as never before.

Cycling would approximately lose 500 calories per hour when a person weighs 200 pounds.

5. Weight Loss with Hit the Gym

Going to the gym has a great benefit to strengthen the muscles and improving the physical strength. But, one of the biggest demands of the weight loss with gym exercises is that it should be executed under the guidance of expert’s training.

Be it cardio or crunches or any other exercises, when a trainee guides you on a particular exercise, a positive outcome is guaranteed. This perks of trainer are not only limited to the hours you go to the gym but also, it helps to lose weight throughout the day.

Regardless of what you’re doing, where you are, weight-training has all the powers to burn calories post-workout. Furthermore, training sessions bring in entire scheduled fitness plan, when that schedule is accurately followed, then it is like a cherry on the top of cake.

The only 7 minute work out at home to loss weight easily.

6. Weight Loss with Swimming

Least efforts and maximum output are all about the swimming. Yes, it requires very few efforts, resulting positively extensive.

Unlike other exercises, no need to sweat and painlessly burn plenty of calories within no time. You simply need to put on your favorite swimsuit to take a pretty small lap in the pool. It has the power to burn the calories from anywhere effortlessly, as you’re deep inside water, all the muscles are engaged in it.

Weight loss with swimming greatly compliments other exercises such as running, walking, cycling. As the majority of the muscles are used for the swimming that easily fulfills the need of cutting down extra inches from the body.

Swimming is eminently beneficial to shape up the body and get it toned well, especially, for the women and patients suffering from arthritis, obesity, asthma. This is the reason it is considered to be best fitness exercise that helps in burning 400-700 calories out of nowhere.

Swimming is the best exercise that helps in burning 400-700 calories out of nowhere.

Final Notion

Weight loss is not at all an arduous task, it’s just that proper care is to be taken. And, most importantly, concepts should be clear without any miss-information. This is what has been easily fulfilled with this article.

Apart from these workouts, weight loss with aerobic exercise would be highly beneficial in improving heart rates while leaving a sound frame of mind.

If you’re seeking to lose weight and you are just a beginner in this field, then it is recommended to start with the basics. Weighing too heavy and jumping directly to cycling would trouble you extensively as knees are targeted while riding a bike.

So, starting with simple walking for the first week and adding other exercises to it as and when you progress. Adopting this tactic would not only help you in losing weight effectively, but also the body gets enough time to adopt a new routine.

Ensure you track your weight and progress to check whether any improvements are required. So that modification in the routine can be made accordingly.

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