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11 Surprisingly Best Tips For Spring Weight-Loss

11 Surprisingly Best Tips For Spring Weight-Loss
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Warm weather has arrived and with it, many of you might be thinking to lose a few pounds which you’ve gained in the winter months. And, spring is the time of the year when people usually make a commitment for Weight Loss. We interviewed top experts around the world and here what they said to us about weight losing in spring.

Think About Why You Are Losing Weight

Of course primary reasons are to have more energy and maximize your health. But, a person becomes successful in long-term weight loss goal because of deep and meaningful reason. You must take a commitment and strictly follow it by setting aside time to achieve your goal.

Develop Realistic Goals

Before you craft your goals, think about your eating habits and with summer around the corner, it can be difficult to create super big goals and focusing on the big picture.

But, instead, build goals which are challenging as well as doable from starting point. If you start with little goals, try to push out from the comfort zone step by step. And you will see the major results by the summer arrives.

Clean Your Cupboard For Spring

It’s time to take advantage of spring cleaning of your cupboard and kitchen by making sure to put highly nutritious foods in front and low nutritious foods in the back and throwing away or donating the junk food.

Leave Some Fruits On The Counter

Start a habit to put a bowl of fruits on the counter. A study from Cornell University found that people who keep a bowl of fruit on the counter weighs 13 pounds less than who don’t.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

People who sleep less than 7 hours tends to have more weight. The National Institute of Health found that less than 7 hours sleep leads to obesity and chronic disease.

It will require some planning, but in the end, it will pay you a few pounds off.

Keep Track Of What You Eat

Keeping track of what you eat sounds tedious, I know. But, believe me it does help. Research showed that people who keep track of their food intake lose twice as much weight than people who don’t. Whether you share it with a friend, talk to a Health and Fitness Nutritionist or keep journal app. It will cause you to think twice before you decide to eat any unhealthy food.

Eat More Vegetables

I know it sounds common, but after looking at hundreds of food journals of people, in most of them vegetable food group found most missing! And, as long as they are not fried or swimming in the oil, they are very low in calories and contains high fiber.

Focus On Eating Fresh

The more you eat fresh with colorful ingredients, the more it will be conductive to lose weight.

Discover when your local farmers market opens and start trying new recipes based on whatever is the freshest.

Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself with fitness goal can be a great way to take your weight loss goal to the next level. But keeping in mind that it’s both, challenges you and doable. When you set a goal which is beyond numbers dropping on the scale and pushes you out of the comfort zone, you’ll be surprised how much motivation & excitement rises in yourself to achieve that goal.

Look For Activities That Encourage Movement

Let it be cricket, soccer or any other sports you’re interested in, but start participating in some activities that increases your body movements. Sitting behind television screen, laptop screen or any screen you can envision can encourage useless eating which results in gaining extra pounds. So better turn off screens, get out and participate in activities which can both, end your snack habits and speed up your metabolism.

Color Code Your Diet

Color coding your diet will take you to a whole new level.

All veggies offer great advantage health wise, but when it comes to weight loss, food which are high in iron and detoxifying nutrients and dark green veggies can help you lose fat in fast lane.

Final Words

The Weight Loss goal does not need to be a stressful or depressing task. Do it in a fun way and keep reminding yourself about the goal. Throw away all junk food and focus on all the goods around you. Hope these tips will help you get in better shape and if you know other than these, let us know.

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